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Nov 202014

TheStreet) – Apple’s
have a supply of market regard is now a staggering $676 billion, making it not only the world’s largest company but an economic force that dwarfs many countries’ GDP and have a supply of markets.

The growth has been phenominal. Just over a year ago, the regard of Apple’s outstanding shares was in this area $460 billion. Now, with analysts raising their fee targets on the have a supply of, it won’t be long before Apple reaches a $1 trillion valuation, with some hedge fund managers, including David Einhorn, having called for 
$1 trillion valuation in the past.

Apple’s iPhone 6 is already selling well above expectations and sales haven’t even begun on its Apple Watch, set for relief in ahead of schedule 2015. The company is well-positioned to once again exceed expectations in the coming year.

Here, then, are ten things that Apple is worth more than. Some of them surprised us too.


. The regard of Google
, Yahoo
, Intel
, and HP

The combined market cap of some of the most well-renowned Apple competitors is $651 billion. When it comes to the combined power of the world’s largest search engines, but, Apple isn’t as large: The market caps of Google, Microsoft
and Yahoo! add up to $813 billion.

2. Four Samsungs

Apple has long been accused of imitating Samsung
innovations in its top-of-the-line smartphones. With a market cap of $161 billion, Samsung would have to clone itself three times to be as large a company as Apple.

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3. Russian Have a supply of Market

Numbers crunched by
Bloomberg regard the Russian have a supply of market at $531 billion. If you owned all of Apple, sold it, and then bought every company in the Russian have a supply of market, you’d still have over $100 billion left over to buy as many iPhones as you could ever need.


4. The 16 Richest Americans

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and 14 of their peers are
worth a combined $665.6 billion.

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5. The Pentagon’s Annual Budget

The Pentagon
spent $615.1 billion in its 2014 fiscal year.

6. Switzerland’s GDP – $646.2 billion

The people is synonymous with banking and fine things like luxury watches and decadent chocolate.

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7. The economies of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma combined

The five neighboring countries collective GDP’s
add up to $656 billion.

8. 17,693.8 tons of gold

At just under $1,200 per ounce, $676 billion would buy you a staggering 17,693.8 tons of gold. That’s more than
10% of all the gold that will ever be mined in the world.

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9. 1,631 Airbus A380 Jets

$676 billion will buy in this area 1,631 Airbus
A380s, the world’s largest plane, which
cost $414.4 million each. Airbus has received only 318 orders for its double-decker giant jet. 


10. 48
Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carriers

The U.S. is currently building the
most expensive class of aircraft carrier ever, at a cost of $13.9 billion each. This behemoth weighs 224 million pounds and is 25 tales high. Apple is worth nearly 50 of these giants. 


Written by Scott Gamm for TheStreet.

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